Philip is a studio-/livesinger & songwriter of several kinds of genre. His main Project „Mutelights“ focuses on indie-pop music, which he introduces into collaborations with international Deep-&Tech-House and EDM Artists. He released worldwide on european labels such as RunDBN, WONNEMusik or Dice Records. His songs reached over half a million clicks on youtube and have been supported by Oliver Heldens, Ummet Ozcan, Robin Schulz and many more…

…Inspiring people has always been Philips biggest dream. He was born in the black forest in 1992 – in the darkest place in southern germany. In search of clearing he soon started to light up his life with singing. Very early he was attracted to artists like Michael Jackson, who tried to change the world and had a precise vision of what they wanted to express with their music and art. He has always had the idea of conceptioning an overwhelming live show that not only features the music but affects people and tells the story of everybody´s lives.

„Everyone of us is a product of the people we meet. And that’s what makes our identity become special. We carry everyone about with us.“ Realizing this, he started to set the stories of everyone he met into music. And this is exactly what his band „Mutelights“ is about.

After years of autodidactic singing and musical education he started experimenting with sounds and different styles to find his own unique sound, which lead him to music studies at the university of music and performing arts in stuttgart. In 2014 he met the electronic music producer Moe Ferris, who really inspired him with his story, his deep sound and opened his mind. Curious about people´s musical identity, Philip was influenced by all kinds of popular music, thats why he keeps following one rule.

„I don´t care about genre, it´s the feeling that matters.“

MILLION TONS // Is There Anybody Out There // Mutelights
  1. MILLION TONS // Is There Anybody Out There // Mutelights
  2. MID-AIR // Is There Anybody Out There // Mutelights
  3. Is There Anybody Out There (Radio Unplugged) // Is There Anybody Out There // Mutelights
  4. NBOURS // Is There Anybody Out There // Mutelights
  5. IS THERE ANYBODY OUT THERE // Is There Anybody Out There // Mutelights
  6. WE LIVE // Is There Anybody Out There // Mutelights